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Kimiaki Ogawa

Convey Value

By conveying value,
Eeveryone will be happy.
This is my video production.


Things that I cherish when conveying value through video

500% Up Video Production

Master of modern advertisement, David Ogilvy mentioned how much advertisements are been read.

On average, 5 times more people are reading the headline than the text.

It means if 10 people read the headline, only 2 will continue to the text. In other words, If a headline could appeal to all 10 people, that advertisement will have 5 times more chance of being read than on average. Therefore, David insisted on the importance of headlines over and over.

I think this also applies to video.

Once the video starts, the first few seconds correspond to the headline. If the video has an appealing and interesting OP, that video can have 500% more appeal power than the rest.

Making Video that People Want

To provide profit for the client,
a video that has value for the client's customer,
which is the end user is necessary.

That is when video marketing comes into play.

Utilizing Video Marketing

From “Sell” to “Connection”

Making People Want Things to Making Things People Want

In the US where I am studying, making a connection with the customer is becoming the mainstream for sales.

First, the seller builds a connection with their customers by having customers understand the benefit and functions of the product.
Then the seller sells the product to the customer that felt the need.

This is where video comes into play.

Video is perfect for understanding the product. Video can provide a massive amount of information at a rapid speed, therefore, people can know what they want to know without stress.

More importantly, video can entertain customers which increases the customer's buying intention.

Quickly provide valuable product information to customers, and help my client's sales by connecting to their customers.
This is my video marketing.

I compared until now and from now on video production.

Video production until now looked like this:


Videos were created between only the seller and the video creator.
Due to the absence of customer, the video will end up as one-sided selling content rather than creating connection that leads to sales.

Video production / Video marketing from now on looks like this:


Video production that connects the seller and their customers.
By providing information that will be useful for customers, there won't be any one-sided selling.

Growing client sales by providing valuable information to customers, all three: client(seller), customer, and mediator(me) will be happy.

This is my video marketing.

Kimiaki Ogawa
Born on October 4th, 2000
Currently major in marketing in San Francisco
Produces video while studying marketing in the US, the leading country of marketing
Acquisition of International Baccalaureate, TOEFL iBT Score 92
Kimiaki Ogawa profile

Started producing videos at age of 10 and started studying marketing at 14. Completed my first client work during high school.

During the first year in university:
Worked as a video editor on a PR video of a collaborative product with Walt Disney
Created over 100 product images for a cosmetic company in San Francisco

The goal of my production is to make both my client and the client's customer happy.

Main achievements:

During high school (2019):

  • Production of PR video as public relations office
  • Guest appearance on a radio show
  • Production of OR video of commercial site
  • Entering university in San Francisco (2019):

  • Production of PR video on a company event
  • Joined as a video editor for PR video for press (for a collaborative product with Walt Disney)
  • Production of over 100 product images for a cosmetic company in San Francisco
  • After a temporary return to Japan due to COVID-19 (2020-):

  • Cinematographer in the feature film “Requiem for Poets and Dogs” directed by Steven J Martin (premiered in 2021)
  • Production of PR videos for companies such as Benesse
  • Private lesson for photography and video production
  • Web design for DUO (DUO: English teaching book that sold 5 million copies)
  • Cinematographer in the feature film “Unplayed Lullaby” directed by Steven J Martin (premiering in 2022)
  • Also work as a video editing coach, producing teaching software, photographer, etc


    Breaking News

    March 2021: Finished shooting of feature film “Requiem for Poets and Dogs” directed by Steven J Martin
    First presented in film festivals in Boston and Miami
    Thank you director Steve for letting me join as a cinematographer!
    Martin Scorsese saw the trailer and gave us some advice!
    What an amazing opportunity! Putting my maximum effort into editing!
    Best International Feature by Austin International Art Festival
    Best Feature Film by Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival
    Nominated in more international film festivals

    Recent Work

    October 2021: Completed web design of DUO website
    A website for an English teaching book written by Yoichi Suzuki which sold a total of 5 million copies
    Also created testimonial video for the website
    October 2021: Joined as a cinematographer and chief editor on “Unplayed Lullaby” directed by Steven J Martin

    Best Low Budget Film by Dallas Movie Awards
    Best Feature Screenplay, Best Actress in Feature and Best Cinemotography in Feauture by INTERNATIONAL COSMOPOLITAN FILM FESTIVAL IN TOKYO


    The actual price will change based on the item, but for reference:

    Video Production: $2,500-$8,600 (Depends on the inclusion of planning, shooting, and editing)
    Other prices: Shooting $150/Day + Transportation cost
    Specialized shooting such as drones may require an additional fee
    Schedule until completion: Shooting period + Editing period (Can change based on revision period)

    Other services:
    Video editor (excluding just adding subtitles)
    Consulting of video produced within a company
    Private video production lesson ($270/Lesson | 3-hour lesson)
    Happy to negotiate with anything video related!!


    Let's talk!